SPH Engineering Dual-Frequency EchoSounder


Sensor ECT D052S
Type Dual frequency
Acoustic frequency 50/200 kHz
Measurement range* 1.0 … 200m (50 kHz) 0.5 … 200m (200 kHz)
Beam width Conical (-3dB) 27° / 7° (50 kHz/200 kHz)
Weight of echosounder 460g
Weight full payload package in air 2.7 kg


Echosounder Mission Software:
– UgCS software package for Echo Sounder
– UgCS Expert perpetual license

Data Processing Software:
– Eye4Software B.V. Hydromagic Survey License
– Computer Bound License (2 computers Max)

Interested in using the SPH Engineering Dual Frequency Echosounder payload with the WISPR Ranger Pro? Contact us for more information!