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Surveying & Mapping

Precise Point Cloud

Point clouds can be colorized or non-colorized georeferenced points that resemble a magnified photo. The point cloud can contain thousands to multi hundred thousands of points that are all georeferenced. Point clouds are fantastic to duplicate real-life existing conditions in the field. Even if the point cloud is not colorized, post-processing software will allow the cloud to be shaded based on intensity, height, return or scan number to name a few. Additionally, there has been an industry shift of CAD draftsmen, designers, architects and engineers to work in 3D space. Many software’s will allow the importation of a point cloud where new work can connect with existing, clearances can be observed and the need to “field verify” can essentially be removed.

Accurate Modeling

Creating digital twins, as-built conditions or modeling accelerates the ability for collaborative work. Not only can a user measure or take volumetric calculations but they are able to view areas in which they may not be able to view in the real-world due to remote locations, special permitting and/or training required. Everyday new use cases are uncovered.

Quantifiable Outcomes

The ability to calculate more precise quantities has become easier and easier. No longer does someone need to send a survey crew to perform shots across a mount, stockpile, levee, mine or other excavation. Lets also not forget that instead of triangulating between 25-50 topo shots, we are using millions with the click of a button. The ease and quickness also allows for the reporting to take place more often.

Use Cases

Topographical Survey

A topographic survey is a specialized land surveying technique that involves the precise measurement and mapping of the natural and man-made features of a particular area, including its elevation, contours, and landmarks. These surveys are commonly used to create detailed topographic maps and models that accurately represent the surface characteristics of a given region. Topographic surveys are crucial for various applications, including urban planning, engineering design, construction projects, environmental assessment, and natural resource management, as they provide essential information for decision-making, design, and analysis in these fields.

Orthomosaic Imagery

An orthomosaic image shown with a zoomed in section appearing to show the level of detail. This detail could show lets say the lid to a steel manhole stating “SEWER” or “WATER” or DRAIN or other.

Digital Surface Model (DSM)

Orthomosaic imagery allows camera’s geometric distortion to be corrected and the imagery to be color balanced to produce a seamless mosaic dataset as a single or multiple files. Measurements can be taken, the imaged can be used in project documents with existing or new works shown within.

Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

A digital surface model can be used for designing, comparing existing terrains for changes, identifying flood prone areas and presenting detailed representations of the earth’s surface. DSMs have been created by NASA for sometime and most state governments have the data for usage.

Cost Effective
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LiDAR and photogrammetric systems have come a long way in both technology offering and costs. Camera systems have improved on the amount of usable data, continue to become lighter and more cost effective.

Simple to Operate
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Mission planning made simple with WISPR Ground Control

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Growing Field
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The need for documentation is constantly arising among all sectors. The easy and cost effectiveness has lead to an explosion of use cases. As more industry leaders adopt the newer technology there will be an exponential growth. Today’s economy demands effeciency were tasks are expected to be completed quickly. What used to take a survey crew of 5 a week to complete can be done in a matter of hours by a single individual with the correct training.

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