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WISPR 24MP Camera

The WISPR 24MP mapping camera is equipped with a full-frame Sony APS-C sensor, boasting an impressive 24.3 effective megapixels for high-resolution aerial mapping. With RTK and PPK compatibility, a remarkably light design at 120 grams (excluding the lens), and an activated cooling fan to prevent overheating, it offers a versatile and efficient solution for accurate and detailed mapping and inspection applications. Compatible with the Ranger Pro and SkyScout

Applications: Mapping, Inspection, Digital Twins

Custom gimbal for ease of use

Embrace simplicity without the wires

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The WISPR custom gimbal redefines convenience by eliminating cumbersome wires, offering a seamless integration experience that ensures swift and efficient attachment of the payload to the drone. With its innovative design, users can enjoy a hassle-free setup, focusing on capturing the perfect shot without the complexities of cable management.

Quick and Easy Geotagging

Capture and tag images seamlessly

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WISPR’s custom software streamlines the geotagging process for aerial images by seamlessly integrating with GPS, RTK, and PPK data. Leveraging the high precision of these positioning technologies, the software associates each captured image with accurate geographic coordinates, ensuring precise mapping and inspection results. This intuitive solution not only enhances data accuracy but also simplifies the workflow, allowing users to focus on insights rather than the intricacies of geotagging.

Elevate Your Mapping Accuracy with a Mechanical Shutter for Crisp Aerial Imagery and Unparalleled Detail

Reduce image blur and capture great data

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Mechanical shutters are preferred over rolling shutters for mapping applications because they provide global shutter functionality, ensuring simultaneous exposure across the entire image. This eliminates distortion and skewing issues often associated with rolling shutters, resulting in more accurate and distortion-free aerial mapping data.

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