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Introducing the

The Ranger Pro Series

Carbon-Fiber Frame

Ultra-light weight, ultra strong

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Carbon fiber is an ideal material for drones due to its exceptional combination of strength and lightweight properties. Its high strength-to-weight ratio allows drones to maintain structural integrity while remaining agile and maneuverable. Carbon fiber’s durability and resistance to corrosion make it suitable for withstanding the demanding conditions that drones may encounter during flight.

Electromagnetic Shielding

Incorporated aircraft grade electromagnetic to protect against EMI near power lines.

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Shielding drones from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is vital to ensure their reliable and safe operation. EMI can disrupt the drone’s electronic systems, including GPS, communication, and control systems, leading to loss of control, navigation errors, or even complete system failure. We innovated our way out of this issue by absorbing and dissipating EMI, rather than trying to reflect.

Sturdy & Durable

Extreme heat and cold can’t stop the Ranger Pro

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The Ranger Pro is designed to be exceptionally durable, thanks to its rigid carbon fiber frame and advanced software fail-safes. The carbon fiber frame provides unmatched strength and lightweight resilience, allowing the drone to withstand rugged conditions while remaining agile. Moreover, the integrated software includes fail-safe mechanisms that protect the drone’s electronics. These fail-safes actively monitor critical systems, ensuring that in the event of any anomalies or interference, the drone can autonomously execute emergency procedures, such as returning to base or landing safely. This robust combination of hardware and software safeguards not only enhances the drone’s longevity and performance but also ensures its reliability in challenging environments, making it a standout choice for demanding aerial missions.


The Ranger Pro is always looking out for danger.

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The Ranger Pro harnesses the power of LiDAR-based collision avoidance to provide comprehensive 360-degree protection, even in low-light conditions. By emitting laser pulses and measuring their reflections, the LiDAR system detects the drone’s surroundings in real time, allowing the drone to avoid obstacles from all angles. This technology excels in low light situations, where other sensors may struggle, ensuring uninterrupted obstacle avoidance.

Carries up to 7 pounds

Ranger Pro Series is specifically engineered to manage 7lb payload in moderate to high winds.

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The Ranger Pro boasts the impressive capability of carrying a 7 lb payload even in high winds, which is crucial for maximizing productivity across a range of industries. This exceptional payload capacity means it can accommodate various specialized equipment, such as high-resolution cameras, LiDAR sensors, or even Ground Penetrating Radar. To ensure safe and stable flights, the drone is equipped with a plethora of sensors, including GPS, IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), barometer, magnetometer, and an array of environment sensors. These sensors work in harmony to provide precise positioning and altitude control, counteracting the disruptive forces of high winds, allowing the drone to maintain its stability and complete missions with unrivaled efficiency, even in challenging weather conditions. This exceptional payload capacity and sensor integration make the Ranger Pro a game-changer for industries seeking versatile, dependable, and high-performance drone solutions.

Stable & Steady Shooting

Our vibration control and dampening mount means smoother images and video.

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The Ranger Pro drone’s low vibration pattern and integrated dampening pad contribute to significantly improved data quality. These features minimize the vibrations and oscillations that can distort images and sensor data during flight, ensuring that captured data is crisp and accurate. The low vibration pattern reduces the risk of motion blur in images, particularly when using high-resolution cameras or LiDAR sensors, resulting in sharper and more detailed data. Additionally, the built-in dampening pad effectively absorbs and dissipates vibrations, further enhancing the stability of data collection during aerial missions. This precise data is invaluable in applications like aerial mapping, surveying, and inspection, where high-quality information is essential for decision-making and analysis, ultimately making the Ranger Pro an indispensable tool for professionals in various industries.

Change sensors with ease
Effortless Mission Planning
Enhanced Safety Features

Our Software Makes the Difference

At WISPR, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of drone technology. Our proprietary software system is designed to offer an unparalleled flight experience, combining advanced navigation tools, real-time data analytics, and user-friendly interfaces that make piloting a breeze for both novices and professionals. In addition, we’re proud to introduce our American-made remote controller—a rarity in the drone industry. This piece of craftsmanship not only stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and durability, but also showcases our dedication to supporting local industries and promoting a legacy of excellence. With WISPR, you’re not just investing in a drone; you’re investing in a piece of innovation that is homegrown and world-class.

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