Looking for an affordable drone solution for commercial applications?

We have the drone solutions for you!

Compatible cloud software for drone work flow management!

Easy to operate flight software that works with tablets, computers and smart phones!

Drone service plans available to help extend your drones work life!

Drones built for commercial applications such as inspection, surveying, and mapping!

American made drones built for any commercial application!

Drones ready-built for drone service providers!

Made in the USA

Commercial grade drones

American-made drones for all your Surveying, Mapping, and Industrial Inspection needs!

Cloud software

Data storage and service management

WISPr Cloud service stores data captured by the drone and organizes data to send to end users!

Rugged design

built to be tough

Carbon fiber and aluminum frames... made rugged for work!

Drone Service Plan

Extend your drone's
work life

Service plans help extend your drones work life by changing out all of your drone electronics once a year!

Flight software

Easy to operate

With WISPr OS Air flight software, operating WISPr drones and payloads is simple and intuitive.

Customer Support

USA-based customer support

We offer Support via phone, email, or text, so we can be there for any issues that may arise! 

Camera payloads

Unlimited camera options

WISPr has many cameras with gimbal options; however, if you want to use your own payloads, we have I/O Ports available!


Competitive pricing 

Spend less money on your drones so you can afford the high-end sensors needed to complete your jobs!

What do our customers say about us?


"I just wanted to let you guys know that you've created an absolutely fantastic system. My only experience operating a drone, or any other RC vehicle for that matter, was a Phantom 4 that I got to use while on vacation this past winter. The controls are incredibly easy to use as a novice, even only having used the touch screen controls of the tablet." — Keith M.

"Since we have been using the drone, we have been able to add customers that we would have had to turn down in the past. Having the drone has also drastically cut the time it takes to perform a site survey. Instead of [being] a two-man job, it can now be completed with one.” — Danny W.


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