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Made in USA

Power to the Pro

We didn’t see an intuitive workflow capable of gathering the type of actionable data pros like you need. So we engineered it. Then we noticed there wasn’t a drone on the market reliable enough to gather the data safely and efficiently, so we built that too.

The Dirtier, the Better

WISPR Systems are meant for tough jobs: surveying, mapping, construction, earthmoving, power line maintenance, search and rescue, etc. You know, the jobs that keep the world turning.

Topography seen with LiDAR

Data captured the way you need it. And It’s All Yours.

All drones fly. All drones deliver something. Those are table stakes. But only WISPR Systems makes it this simple to gather the data you need and give you complete ownership over it to integrate seamlessly into your own programs.

  • Lidar
  • Photogrammetry
  • Inspection
  • Heat Mapping
  • Plant Health
  • And More

Built with American Ingenuity

Forged from American brains and built with American brawn, these bad boys are so dependable you’d think they were made in a lab by Uncle Sam, Rosie the Riveter and Amelia Earhart. (When in fact they were actually invented by a guy named Conor in Mississippi, but still.)

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Tough As Nails

You need something rugged and capable enough to protect those payloads that cost a pretty penny. That’s why you won’t find any flimsy, cost-cutting cheap piece of plastic here. It’s all carbon fiber to handle the demands of your job site.

See the Specs

Endless Customization

Lidar, photogrammetry, gimbals, heat sensors–you name it. If there’s something you want to use, we can mod the drone to carry it.

Lidar payload
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