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Dual-Frequency EchoSounder by SPH Engineering

Drone-based bathymetry revolutionizes underwater mapping by offering unmatched efficiency and accuracy. Drones equipped with echosounders can swiftly survey underwater terrains, providing precise depth measurements for various applications, including hydrographic surveys, environmental monitoring, and marine research. This approach minimizes the need for costly, time-consuming boat-based surveys and allows for safe and remote data collection in otherwise challenging or inaccessible aquatic environments, making it a game-changer in the field of bathymetric mapping.

Applications: Inspection, Surveying and Mapping

No place no launch a boat, no problem

Scan areas that you previously couldn’t access

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Drones equipped with echosounders can reach remote, shallow, or environmentally sensitive areas with ease. This capability is invaluable for mapping in regions with difficult terrain, such as marshlands, wetlands, or densely vegetated water bodies, where boats cannot navigate effectively. Additionally, drone-based bathymetry is non-intrusive and less disruptive to ecosystems, making it a more environmentally friendly option

Dual Frequency

Two is better than one

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Dual-frequency systems simultaneously emit two different frequencies, typically a high frequency (short wavelength) and a low frequency (long wavelength). This combination allows for more accurate depth measurements in a wider range of water conditions. High frequencies are excellent for shallow water and fine detail, while low frequencies are better suited for deep water and better penetration.

Combine data to get the full picture

Use Bathymetry and LiDAR to see the whole structure

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A model that combines bathymetry and LiDAR for bridge scanning holds immense power in delivering comprehensive insights. By utilizing bathymetric data to map underwater topography and LiDAR to capture precise surface features, this model can provide a holistic view of the bridge’s structural health and its foundation’s condition. This integration enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of bridge inspections, ensuring that potential issues, both above and below the waterline, can be identified and addressed proactively, ultimately contributing to the bridge’s safety and longevity.

Regulatory and Environmental Considerations

Minimize disruption to aquatic ecosystems during surveys

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In sensitive ecosystems like coral reefs, seagrass beds, or fragile marine habitats, minimal intrusion is essential to preserve the delicate balance of these environments. Drone-based bathymetry minimizes disturbances, reducing the potential impact on marine organisms and the integrity of the ecosystem.


Dual Frequency EchoSounder
Acoustic frequency, kHz
Measurement range
1.0 … 200m (50 kHz) 0.5 … 200m (200 kHz)
Beam width Conical (-3dB)
27° / 7° (50 kHz/200 kHz)
2.7 kg/5.95 lbs

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