Work flow management with the WISPr Cloud

Add your drone service clients to the WISPr Cloud to track work flow
with WISPr Drones for your clients

Add your drone service clients to the Cloud database to help pre-organize the data to be ready to send to the client or to the API of your choice. Download service clients to your WISPr drone and select the clients name in pre-flight for the data captured to save to that clients file. by the drone during flight will be organized by date and time. This makes tracking work flow and data for client effortless!

WISPr Cloud auto-organized and prepares data captured by WISPr drone!

Data uploaded to the WISPr Cloud is auto-organized for each client you run a survey for. Every time you return to a client the newest folder will have the date and time for the survey and add it to that customers file. To upload data from the drone to the cloud you can connect your drone to a Wi-Fi source and the data will automatically upload to the cloud. You can upload from your computer or tablet as well.

You can send data directly to your clients from the WISPr Cloud!

Send data directly from the WISPr Cloud to your service client. This makes delivering pictures and videos from your drone to the customer a breeze!

Vehicle routing software gives you the quickest route to service multiple clients in one day

The Cloud has truck routing software that will tell you the most efficient driving route to service your clients for the day. Helping you save time to complete more aerial work!

Track jobs done by drones and pilots through the WISPr Cloud.

Track drone the work you have done and which pilots have done that work through the WISPr Cloud for your entire WISPr drone fleet!

Organize your drones work flow through the wispr cloud!!!!

Ideal forCompanies of any size that want to establish and scale their drone program
User accessBusiness Plan helps organizations manage multiple teams and projects with integrations, APIs, SSO, advanced reporting, compliance tools, and operations
SupportEmail, Chat, and Phone
Vertical FlightPlan and execute flight missions to capture data for vertical inspections
Max Image Upload3000
Panorama and VideoUpload and view panoramas and videos
Drone Operations
Centralized dashboard for training, flight logs, etc.
Drone & Pilot ComplianceCheck your pilots & drones for up-to-date certification, highlighting any compliance risks
Equipment ManagementAllow team members to set drone operational status, maintenance, and registration details
Roles & PermissionsAdd and edit user access within your account to control who can fly, edit, and share
Single Sign OnAn authentication process for a user to access multiple applications under one login
Service Client trackingAdd drone service customers to the cloud to organize and track work flow with that client.
Easily send data to service clientsSend pictures and videos to your service clients directly from your WISPr Cloud account.
API compatibility Yes
Vehicle routing and schedulingThe Cloud has truck routing software that will tell you the most efficient driving route to service your clients for the day.

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