Data Management and Support with the WISPr Cloud

Add your drone service clients to the WISPr Cloud to track work flow
with WISPr Drones for your clients

Add your drone service clients to the Cloud database to help pre-organize the data prior to sending it to the client or API of your choice. Download service clients to your WISPr drone, and select the client’s name in pre-flight. The data captured will save to that client’s file, organized by date and time. This makes tracking work flow and data for clients effortless!


WISPr Cloud auto-organized and prepares data captured by WISPr drone!

Data uploaded to the WISPr Cloud is auto-organized for each survey client. Every time you return to a client the newest folder will have the date and time for the survey, which is then added to that customer's file. You can share the data file with the customer by sharing a link with a secure login for quick access to data for the end user.

You can send data directly to your clients from the WISPr Cloud!

Send data directly from the WISPr Cloud to your service client. This makes delivering pictures and videos from your drone to the customer a breeze!

Track jobs done by drones and pilots through the WISPr Cloud.

Track the work you and your pilots have done through the Wispr Cloud for your entire Wispr drone fleet!

Active support for drone and cloud software

Renewing your software subscription annually ensures you have direct contact with one of our Wispr Support Engineers for customization using Wispr drones and software!

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