wildlife management

Use our drone to count and manage livestock and animals in the field during wildlife research.

Our drones can carry the camera so you can visually observe live stock. If the livestock or wild animal being tracked has a RFID tag that can be scanned we can detect these RFID tags using a RFID antenna. Our drones are designed to handle larger antennas, and our software is compatible with many antennas including the RFID antenna needed to track RFID tagged animals.

Our drone software and data analytics cloud software can be customized to cater to your drone wildlife application needs. For a real time drone feed that is shared through an internet connection is a breeze since our software is already set up to be accessible over a IPV4 private network! Contact us for more information!

key offerings for wildlife management

  • Intuitive mapping software
  • RFID antenna compatibility
  • Cloud software to keep up with data
  • Compatible with cameras needed to visually inspect

contact us for consultation and quote

Contact us to customize your own wildlife management system using our drones and software,  and we can quote you on the customization needs for your drone application!

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