WISPR Systems' drone platform is specifically engineered to manage the payload in moderate to high winds. An Power Over Ethernet Wi-Fi adapter is attached with the CPE to the bottom of the drone to wirelessly broadcast the CPE's web app to your computer on the ground.

  • With a payload of a 4lb CPE on the drone we can fly in 15-20MPH winds for around 25 minutes.
  • With a 1.5lb CPE on the drone we can fly in 15-20MPH winds for around 29 minutes
  • With a 0.5lb CPE on the drone we can fly in 15-20MPH winds for around 31 minutes

A Power Over Ethernet cable is available on the drone to power the CPE antenna and our WISPR Onboard Computer attachment with the WISPR OS is attached to the drone to communicate with the CPE antenna via Wi-Fi connection to the WISPR Onboard Computer attachment system. This allows you to connect your tablet to the drone's antenna payload and view the CPE during flight. 

WISPR drones now come standard with ground station smart controller with a tablet built in to see the First Person View video stream and control the drone. This is separate from the tablet streaming the antennas web app. Using this hand controller you can get 3 miles range on connection to drone controls and FPV video stream.

WISPR Systems Telecommunications
Drone Solution

When choosing a drone for inspecting towers and modeling towers for inspection purposes is only scratching the surface of this drone's telecommunication capabilities with the WISPR Ranger Pro Series. With payload options for high resolution photos or extreme zoom cameras to capture the data needed to properly inspect your tower infrastructure and 3D model the tower using photogrametry.  We also offer a special PCI scanner/RF analyzer payload integration to search for RF interference in the air as well as capture 3D data of RF signals for analysis of fixed wireless networks.


RF Spectrum Analyzer Payloads for Telecommunications

PCI Scanner/RF Analyzer integration can be used in many ways. If you are wanting to inspect RF interference around a tower or locate the RF interference this can be done by viewing the RF analyzer on the drone during flight! If you want to capture PCI data and have it merged with geodata to 3D model received signal and find weak points in your RF coverage this integration can do that. Logs are saved as .json or .csv.

All-around Inspection Camera is the Gremsy Zio Sony 4k 32x optical zoom camera for inspection! These payloads are great for day-to-day inspection and is a great starter payload for critical infrastructure inspection.

Advanced camera options For situations in which you need higher than 24.3MP resolution size in pictures we offer the Sony Alpha 7R III and Alpha 7R IV payloads with gimbal and a 35mm FE lens to acquire 42MP to 61MP full frame pictures. With this camera you do not have to be as close to the structure you are inspecting to get the details you needed with such high resolution.

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