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WISPr OS Changelog

10/4/2019 - 1.0.8

  • Maximum altitude for autonomous surveys is now 150 feet.
  • Increased font size and bold the tabs to be easier when viewing the in-flight controls.
  • After connecting to Wi-Fi to update or upload, there is a 45 second wait timer after connecting to Wi-Fi, after the timer has completed the logs and images will upload and towers, subscribers and autonomous surveys will download to the WISPr OS.

9/27/2019 - 1.0.7

  • Disconnect from drone/web app failsafe added. If you disconnect from the drone/web app, the drone will fly up to 90 ft then fly back to the launch and hover until you reconnect to the drone/web app.

8/30/2019 - 1.0.5

  • Fixed issue with wrong customers being downloaded to drone
  • Removed option to change speed of drone in flight
  • On game controller “A” button has been designated as the picture capturing button, the “k” key on the keyboard is also designated for capturing pictures
  • A button has been added on the screen to click for pictures that is located by the battery percentage indicator
  • Fixed issues with downloading users, towers, customers, and preconfigured tests
  • Added button in settings page for downloading users, towers, customers, and preconfigured tests
8/23/2019 - 1.0.4
  • Removed ability to configure AP Scanner and New Tower Surveys live
  • AP Scanner and New Tower Surveys can no longer be named during the test. The test is saved under "<test name> - <test-type>
  • Table search option to search using general flight name or customer name
  • If a flight name isn't entered and a customer isn't selected for a flight, the flight is saved under a timestamp
  • Only display survey logs, pre-configured test and towers belonging to a selected customer before flight
  • Changed GoTo and AP Scanner to have a "HOLD TO EXECUTE" button
  • Removed dashboard button while drone is in flight
  • Renamed SSID Scan to AP Scanner and CPE Survey to New Tower Survey
    Combined the AP Scanner into the flight log, instead of it being a separate log
  • Removed SSID Logs and CPE Survey Logs from the side menu and replaced them with Flight Logs
  • Preconfigure tests are now created on the cloud, at Once created, connect your drone to a WiFi network to allow it to download the tests
  • Added toast to indicate the license has been updated and users, customers, tests, and towers have been downloaded after WiFi connection made
  • Removed arm/disarm images from log

WISPr Cloud Changelog


  • Added images to the preconfigured surveys to help explain their functions
  • A technician can now be assigned to a preconfigured survey while configuring
  • A time and date can now be selected when configuring preconfigured surveys. A system to send a reminder email to the customer and technician before the schedule date will soon be available


  • Tower names can now include parentheses, spaces, single quotes, double quotes, and hyphens
  • Added preconfigured surveys for "Near Roof Survey"
  • Removed arm/disarm images from log