WISPr OS Changelog

11/23/20 - 1.1.10

  • Separated the TAKEOFF and ARM functions for safety purposes. After arming, please ensure all motors are spinning properly before initiating TAKEOFF
  • Greatly reduced countdown sequence for TAKEOFF commands
  • After arming, if no takeoff command is given automatically disarm after 10 seconds
  • After landing, the time to disarm has been increased to 2 seconds
  • If disconnected from drone, webpage no longer needs to be refreshed after reconnecting
  • Removed unused columns from site survey table
  • Fixed bug causing drone a delay before being able to start a flight for every flight. Now the delay only occurs on the first flight every update
  • Fixed bug causing video stream to not load at times
  • Fixed bug allowing a TAKEOFF command to be sent while the drone is landing
  • Increased time before user input after takeoff to 10 seconds to allow more time for drone to stabilize

10/16/20 - 1.1.9

  • Increased low battery RTL to 30% (scaled for distance and altitude). Increased critical low battery backup RTL to 20%
  • Add warning message for critical low battery backup RTL

10/09/20 - 1.1.8

  • Zero velocity if drone is disconnected from WiFi source to prevent fly aways
  • Fixed bug causing latitude/longitude metadata to save incorrectly on certain images
  • Fixed bug causing certain images to not upload during upload logs/images

07/20/20 - 1.1.7

  • Added new autonomous survey - Single Point AP Scan
  • Updated format of AP Scan Logs
  • Updated controls for GamePad Controller. Left/Right Sticks are now used to initialize controller and takeoff (replacing Left/Right Triggers). See manual for additional changes
  • Added Return To Home Position button (only available for GamePad). This function raises the drone to 90ft, turns towards the home position, then flies home. It does not land the drone. Hold the start button to initiate this function
  • Fixed bug causing drone to drop 2-10 ft before site survey
  • Cancel RTL button must now be held for 2 seconds
  • Fixed bug causing "Picture Successfully Captured" success message to not display
  • Fixed bug causing log and image dates to be skewed
  • Fixed bug causing DNS issues with certain WiFi networks

06/05/20 - 1.1.6

  • Battery percentage to trigger RTL has been increased to 25%
  • Removed progress indicator from site survey scans
  • Removed login page. User is taken directly to dashboard if license is valid
  • Removed technician from logs

05/29/20 - 1.1.5

  • Removed AP Scan function and replaced it with Site Survey (360° AP Scan at multiple heights). Refer to our support page to watch a demo of the site survey
  • Fixed bug causing nameserver issues with certain WiFi networks
  • Fixed bug causing WISPrOS to not detect the drone is in flight while autonomous surveys are running after a page refresh
  • Fixed bug causing WISPrOS to not detect an autonomous survey is running after a page refresh

05/12/20 - 1.1.4

  • Added option to set CPE Static LAN Address/DHCP Fallback IP in settings page
  • Added disconnect button to antenna manager
  • Added channel and connected AP  to Ubiquiti AC antenna logs
  • Fixed AP scan on Ubiquiti antennas
  • Removed exact time from log folder paths
  • Temporarily disabled AP scans on Cambium antennas
  • Deleting log from drone no longer deletes associated images
  • Fixed bug causing 2.4/5 GHz toggle button to behave erratically


4/21/20 - 1.1.3

  • Added back button to logs
  • Fixed bug causing 5GHz WiFi broadcast to fail
  • Fixed bug causing fly away if tab/page was changed while holding velocity button
  • Fixed issue with logs not saving when geofence RTL, battery RTL, and manual RTL completed
  • Fixed bug causing incompatibility with certain versions of Ubiquiti Legacy firmware
  • Restructured how logs and images are saved to comply with WISPr View

3/30/20 - 1.1.2

  • Updated camera code on POGO to improve video and image quality
  • Updated license

3/24/20 - 1.1.1

  • Added "Return to Launch Position" button in navbar while flying
  • Return to Launch can now be canceled
  • Landing can now be canceled


3/17/20 - 1.1.0

  • Increased maximum height geofence to 217 ft.
  • Increased maximum height for surveys to 200 ft.
  • Added new "Default" survey options when running surveys. Default surveys allow for easy, on-the-go, survey configuration
  • Changed the name of New Tower Surveys to CPE Surveys
  • Removed Near Roof AP Scanner
  • Modified CPE Surveys to scan -30° to +30° from the starting azimuth after going to best height
  • Edited UI for pop-ups to increase visibility
  • Edited UI in In-Flight Manager to increase visibility
  • Fixed issue with incorrect number of towers displayed in towers table
  • Fixed issue with scrolling side-menu on touchscreens
  • Removed bug causing two scroll bars to appear in in-flight controls pop-up
  • Fixed bug that caused WiFi SSIDs with spaces to not connect
  • Moved the Upload Images and Upload Logs buttons to within the settings page
  • Fixed bug that displayed "Geofence Breached" toast every time page was refreshed
  • Overhauled log page to include table view, filtered data charts, and easier to read graphs
  • Increased time that user remains logged in from 2 hours to 12 hours
  • Added "Registered to AP", "Signal to Noise Ratio", and "Signal Strength Ratio" to live display for Cambium PMP 450
  • More data is displayed for Cambium ePMP, Ubiquiti AC, and Ubiquiti Legacy antennas during flight and in logs
  • Customers/towers are now in alphabetical order to make selecting customers/towers easier
  • Changed toast of Low Battery RTL , Distance From Home Geofence Breach, Minimum Altitude Geofence Breach, and Maximum Altitude Geofence Breach to display more important data
  • Logs now sort by date by default
  • Overhauled log and image upload. Every log now displays their percent done and whether they have successfully uploaded or failed
  • Whenever logs corrupt during upload, they are no longer deleted from the drone (allowing to successfully upload log before deletion)
  • Added "Reboot" and "Power Off" buttons. This allows the user to safely power down drone to prevent logs and images from corrupting
  • Added the tower used and distance from tower in AP Scanner logs and CPE Survey logs
  • Lock the tabs in the in-flight manager while an autonomous survey is running
  • Can no longer click off of the in-flight manager to close
  • Fixed issue allowing touch-screen users to start surveys before checking safety box
  • Users no longer need to check safety protocols before each flight
  • Added "Select Survey Type" box during pre-flight configuration, allowing the user to select a survey type that will be automatically displayed when the Autonomous Surveys manager is opened
  • Removed "View Flight Logs" tab while in flight. Logs must be reviewed once drone has landed
  • Added buttons to navbar that allow for easily opening the Autonomous Survey manager or View CPE
  • Added new type of touchscreen controls that allows the user to fly with arrow buttons rather than joysticks. To enable, press the keyboard button on the right side of the screen after initializing touchscreen controls
  • Added disconnected form drone error message
  • Added support for Telrad CPE 7000 and CPE 9000 antennas

WISPr CLOUD Changelog

Previous WISPr OS Changelog

12/17/2019 - 1.0.11

  • Improved WiFi connection between user and drone. Added additional dongle for extra distance and better connection strength
  • Improved the WiFi connection between the drone and an external WiFi

12/02/2019 - 1.0.10

  • Added support for Cambium PMP 450
  • Improved performance and added safety features to prevent errors during flight
  • Increased maximum email and password size to 75 characters

11/22/2019 - 1.0.9

  • Removed feature that returned drone to home position if WiFi disconnects until it can be tested further

10/4/2019 - 1.0.8

  • Maximum altitude for autonomous surveys is now 150 feet.
  • Increased font size and bold the tabs to be easier when viewing the in-flight controls.
  • After connecting to Wi-Fi to update or upload, there is a 45 second wait timer after connecting to Wi-Fi, after the timer has completed the logs and images will upload and towers, subscribers and autonomous surveys will download to the WISPr OS.

9/27/2019 - 1.0.7

  • Disconnect from drone/web app failsafe added. If you disconnect from the drone/web app, the drone will fly up to 90 ft then fly back to the launch and hover until you reconnect to the drone/web app.

8/30/2019 - 1.0.5

  • Fixed issue with wrong customers being downloaded to drone
  • Removed option to change speed of drone in flight
  • On game controller “A” button has been designated as the picture capturing button, the “k” key on the keyboard is also designated for capturing pictures
  • A button has been added on the screen to click for pictures that is located by the battery percentage indicator
  • Fixed issues with downloading users, towers, customers, and preconfigured tests
  • Added button in settings page for downloading users, towers, customers, and preconfigured tests
8/23/2019 - 1.0.4
  • Removed ability to configure AP Scanner and New Tower Surveys live
  • AP Scanner and New Tower Surveys can no longer be named during the test. The test is saved under "<test name> - <test-type>
  • Table search option to search using general flight name or customer name
  • If a flight name isn't entered and a customer isn't selected for a flight, the flight is saved under a timestamp
  • Only display survey logs, pre-configured test and towers belonging to a selected customer before flight
  • Changed GoTo and AP Scanner to have a "HOLD TO EXECUTE" button
  • Removed dashboard button while drone is in flight
  • Renamed SSID Scan to AP Scanner and CPE Survey to New Tower Survey
    Combined the AP Scanner into the flight log, instead of it being a separate log
  • Removed SSID Logs and CPE Survey Logs from the side menu and replaced them with Flight Logs
  • Preconfigure tests are now created on the cloud, at https://cloud.wispr.systems/tests. Once created, connect your drone to a WiFi network to allow it to download the tests
  • Added toast to indicate the license has been updated and users, customers, tests, and towers have been downloaded after WiFi connection made
  • Removed arm/disarm images from log

Previous WISPr Cloud Changelog


  • Added images to the preconfigured surveys to help explain their functions
  • A technician can now be assigned to a preconfigured survey while configuring
  • A time and date can now be selected when configuring preconfigured surveys. A system to send a reminder email to the customer and technician before the schedule date will soon be available


  • Tower names can now include parentheses, spaces, single quotes, double quotes, and hyphens
  • Added preconfigured surveys for "Near Roof Survey"
  • Removed arm/disarm images from log