Wispr Ranger First Responder Drone Package

Listed below are the details of what this package entails:

  • 1 – Wispr Ranger 1100 drone (360 collision avoidance works in day and night time conditions)
  • 1 – All-in-one tablet and RC controls – Herelink
  • 4 – Pairs of Propellers (Clockwise & Counterclockwise pairs)
  • 2 – Gremsy S1 Gimbal
  • 2 – Gremsy S1 Gimbal Dampening Mount
  • 1 – Sony 20.4MP 30x optical zoom camera
    • Dummy Battery, SD Card Extender, Geotagging module, etc.
  • 1 – FLIR Vue Pro R, 640, 30Hz, 45degree FOV(13mm lens)
  • 4 – HDMI Cables (L)
  • 4 – HDMI Cables (S)
  • 4 – Batteries
  • 2 – Dual Battery Charger
  • 1 – Carrying Case for hand controller
  • 2 – Carrying Case for payloads
  • 1 – Ranger Carrying Case
  • 1 year software cloud and support fee
  • 1 year standard warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Wispr Ranger First Responders drone package includes a Gremsy S1 gimbal and a 20.4MP Sony camera which can achieve 30X optical zoom while still giving you the full 20.4MP pictures. This package also comes with a Gremsy S1 gimbal and a FLIR Duo Pro R camera with 640 resolution, 19mm lens which achieves 32degree Field of View and a frame rate of 30Hz. The FLIR Duo Pro R also has a 12MP 4K RGB camera included with the thermal sensor. The drone is controlled using our all-in-one tablet and RC controller that allows you to view your live video feed, and take pictures, and fly your drone.