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Monthly software license

PackageCost MonthlyDescription
WISPr OS Services$200.00• Connect and manually survey
• Go-to Functions
• Automated CPE Site Survey modes
• Active Supports and Updates provided
• 100GB storage in the WISPr Cloud provided with purchase.


WISPr OS must be purchased to operate the WISPr Scout. Operating system which controls all operations of the WISPr Scout. WISPr OS allows the user to connect to their CPE antenna while flying and complete automated site survey. The OS allows the user to manually fly the WISPr Scout and survey for optimal signal strength. There are basic tools given in the “In-flight Manager”, which are “Go-to Controls” and “CPE Survey” with the “Complete Survey” only. Software upgrades are available on the WISPr OS for upgrade

Software Safety Failsafes

  • Battery low
    • 15% battery level – warning
    • 7% battery level – return to launch
  • Geofence breach
    • Breach 200ft altitude – flies back inside the GEOFENCE
    • 10 second Breach 200ft altitude – return to launch
    • Breach 300 feet radius – flies back inside the GEOFENCE
    • 10 second Breach 300 feet radius – return to launch
    • Breach altitude lower than 6 feet – lands on spot

First Person View (FPV) Camera function

  • While operating the Scout with WISPr OS, the background image will be a live video footage from the drone’s point of view.
  • A picture button is available to take photos during flight.
  • A video recorder button is available to take videos during flight.

CPE Surveys

  • Azimuth Survey (Come with WISPr OS)
    The user has their CPE antenna mounted/connected to the Scout to run a survey with. This survey allows Scout to rotate horizontally 360-degrees to find what azimuth has the strongest signal point. There is no vertical movement during this flight. A snap-shot is taken by the FPV camera at the strongest signal azimuth.
  • Complete Survey (Come with WISPr OS)
    If the user wants the test to all be run simultaneously, the Complete Survey will do the job. The user has their CPE antenna mounted/connected to the Scout to run a survey with. The user selects maximum and minimum altitude range to run the survey, then the user will initialize the Scout to run the survey. The Scout flies up to the maximum altitude specified by the user, the Scout then rotates horizontally 360 degrees searching for the strongest signal is located. The Scout will record all of the signal points received during the rotation. Once the strongest signal point is found in the 360-degree search, the Scout then follows the strongest signal point on that azimuth all the way down to the minimum altitude specified, recording all the signal points the entire way down. After the Scout has reached the minimum altitude specified, the Scout will fly back to where ever the signal was the strongest, at which time the test is complete. At all the strongest signal points a snap-shot picture is taken with the onboard First-Person View (FPV) camera and is stored with the survey logs. If the software cannot find signal, then the Scout will abort survey.

SSID Scan (Come with WISPr OS)
The SSID Scan allows the user to search out all availible wireless networks in the area. It can be used to determine the best network to connect the CPE antenna too, or be used to see all networks in the area to figure out what networks are interfering with your data link. To accomplish this, the CPE antenna needs to be connected to the WISPr OS, and the user needs to input the altitude and the azimuth or azimuths in which they want to scan. Once the scan is configured, click execute and the data from the flight will be printed in the SSID Scan logs in the WISPr OS. The SSID Scan logs display every wireless network, signal strength, altitude and azimuth in the frequency range of the CPE antenna used to complete the scan.

Manual CPE Survey (Come with WISPr OS)
The Manual Site Survey allows the user to manually fly the Scout and survey. The user can just signal strength from the signal bar in the right-hand corner of the WISPr OS screen, and view what the Scout see’s through its FPV camera. The user can also directly view the CPE antenna user interface while flying the Scout. This will save the user time and effort when surveying, a lot better than dragging a ladder, wire, CPE antenna and a power source around the structure to survey!

Go-To Controls (Come with WISPr OS)
The Go-To Controls allow the user to enter an altitude, azimuth or GPS coordinates in which the user wants the “Go-To” to and point for manually survey. Altitude and/or azimuth and Altitude and/or GPS coordinates can be selected. All functions can be run by itself.

General (Come with WISPr OS)
Allows the user to change the speed of the Scout.

Tower Mapping (add on to the WISPr OS, purchase for add-on)

  • Our software service package allows you to put your towers on our maps, where you can add what antennas are on the tower and what azimuth they are pointing. The same can be done for every customer.
  • Surveys are uploaded to the map when updated to the GPS points.
  • All tower mapping features will be available free until September 2019, basic functionality of the tower mapping will always be free but added features will be available through purchase after September 2019.

Uploading and Updating to WISPr Cloud (Come with WISPr OS)
After a test is completed and the Scout stores the survey logs, pictures and videos onboard, the data can be uploaded to the WISPr Cloud to be viewed anywhere. All of the tower mapping will be stored in the WISPr Cloud as well. We allow 5GB of server storage free.

More information about add-on packages will be available per their release.

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Additional information

WISPR OS Upgrades



  • Each upgrade package will include all the tools that are in the previous package.
  • Packages can be changed and no year-long commitment
  • 100 GB storage free with each purchase of a software package, unless you are switching software packages.