Wispr Onboard Computer Attachment

The Wispr Onboard Computer Attachment Kit for custom payload integrations is an attachment for the drone that allows you to integrate custom payloads on Wispr drones. The Onboard Computer is equipped with a arm processor and 4GB of RAM and has ethernet and USB ports available for connecting to custom payloads. It has 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz Wi-Fi or Wi-Max link capabilities for communication with the computer during flight.  The Wi-Fi can be used for datalink in short range flights and Wi-Max can be used for datalink in long range flights.  An ground station antenna is provided for connection to customized payloads connected to the Wispr Onboard Computer Attachment.  The Wispr OS embedded image is installed on the Onboard computer to allow you to integrate custom payloads through. The onboard computer connects directly to the flight controller on the drone via serial connector. If you are wanting to integrate your own custom payload system this is great for any payload integration.

This package comes with:

  • 1 – Wispr Onboard Computer Attachment
  • 1 – Computer to drone wires
  • 1 – Custom Power Over Ethernet Cable
  • 1 – Power Cable
  • 1 – Mounting Carbon Fiber Rod
  • 1 – Ground antenna for long range flights