Wispr Ranger Wireless ISP Drone Package

Listed below are the details of what this package entails:

  • 1 – Ranger 1000 (Front Collision avoidance included)
  • 1 – First person view camera
  • 2 – Pairs of Propellers (Clockwise & Counterclockwise pairs)
  • 1 – Hand controller with built in tablet (Herelink)
  • 1 – Case for hand controller
  • 1 – Wispr Onboard Computer Attachment kit for antenna communications from drone
  • 1 – Tablet to stream antenna Web app
  • 1 – Batteries
  • 1 – Dual Battery Charger
  • 1 year software and support charge
  • 1 year standard warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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This is an all-in-one drone package includes everything you need to site survey for Wireless Internet Service Providers(WISP) using Cambium, Ubiquiti, and Telrad customer premise equipment(CPE) antennas. Our are now flown through RC hand controls with built in tablet rather than through touchscreen controls for extend range flying and more control of the unit while flying. The hand controller with built in tablet streams the First Person View camera and allows you to fly the drone. A separate tablet connects to the Power Over Ethernet module which wirelessly transmits the antenna’s web app to the separate tablet for antenna analyzation.