PRiSM PCI Scanner/Spectrum Analyzer

Using this payload with the Wispr Onboard Computer Attachment you can capture PCI data and merge with flight data from the drone to 3D model RF signals or use the Spectrum analyzer during flight to sniff out issues.

This package comes with:

  • Wispr Onboard Computer Attachement for custom payloads
  • PRiSM 5G NR & LTE with API PRiSM with data collection, spectrum analyzer, 4G and 5G scanning.
  • API access for integration into DPDM/DMAT. 2 14,870.00 29,740.00T
  • Annual PRiSM SSRC Subscription (ES023-514)
  • SSRC: Software, Support, Repair, Calibration
  • Software upgrades and maintenence releases for all licensed
  • PRiSM technologies 8×5 Telephone and Email Technical Support
  • Repair of covered hardware Annual factory

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