Inertial Labs RESEPI Hesai XT32 M2X

Flight Time with Payload

Wispr Ranger Pro Series Yes, 22-25 minutes flight time.


RGB Camera
Sony a5100 – 24 MP Camera
Operating Conditions
-20˚C to 65˚C
Power Consumption
16 Watts
IMU Atitude Acc
<0.006 deg Pitch and roll; < 0.03 deg Heading
IMU Position Acc
0.5cm (PPK);
MAX Points Per Second
1.28M points/s (Triple return)
Scan Rate
640,000 pts/s and 3 returns
Field of View
-20.8 to +19.5° (Vertical) × 360° (Horizontal)
1.23 kg (2.8 lbs)
256 GB Provided (1TB supported)
System Accuracy (5m/s @ 50m)
± 1 cm
Scan Range
120 m @ 50% reflectivity (MAX)
50 m @ 10% reflectivity (Recommended)
Range Accuracy
± 1cm
Laser Sensor
Hesai PandarXT 32 M2X

Interested in using the Inertial Labs RESEPI Hesai XT32 M2X payload with the WISPR Ranger Pro? Contact us for more information!