basic tune-ups and service plans

Drone Basic Tune-ups


WISPr Systems' Basic Tune-up offerings are in place to help extend the work life of your drone.

We suggest changing out the motors on your drone at least every 200 hours of flight time to ensure that your drone is in working condition for a longer amount of time.

Our tune-up plan allows you to send your drone back to WISPr Systems. We will replace your motors and re-tune your drone to the new motors before sending it back to you.

WISPr Systems' Basic Tune-Up can be purchased as needed and as often as needed.

Drone Service Plans


Designed to make your drone like new again and extends its work life!

WISPr Systems' Service Plan allows you to send your drone to us once a year for a complete refurbishment of the following; flight controller, GPS, Motors, Speed Controllers, Drone Computer, Collision avoidance, LiDAR, Circuit boards, Lights, Communications radio, and FPV Camera on Ranger Series.

This plan last for one year from the time of purchase. Only 1 refurbishment of drone per year. Must be purchased within 30 days of the original purchase if not included with your original purchase. To renew your service plan this must be done within 30 days of the expiration of previous years service plan. You can only purchase a maximum of 2 years of service plans before you are required to buy a new drone.

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