Scout series

 WISPr Systems' drone platform is specifically engineered to manage the payload in moderate to high winds.

  • With a payload of a 2lb payload on the drone we can fly in 15MPH winds for around 18 minutes.
  • With a 1.5lb CPE on the drone we can fly in 15MPH winds for around 20 minutes
  • With a .5lb CPE on the drone we can fly in 15MPH winds for around 28 minutes

USB I/O port is available on the drone to allow you to power any 3.3V-5V payloads and communicate with USB camera payloads. You can connect a HDMI capture card to your USB port to stream HDMI cameras through the WISPr flight software.

Our drones are equipped with a 24V power over ethernet (POE) port to power any 24V POE application or plug a data cable in to communicate with your ethernet camera payloads.

To insure the safety of your drone while flying the WISPr Scout 1000 has front collision avoidance built in. The collision avoidance sensors are Lidar sensors which insures that your drone can sense objects in the day and night time

WISPr flight software has a safety fail safe to protect the user and drone in the case of worn out parts, low battery, erratic flight, etc. This is to help keep the user safe and the drone safe as well.

Failsafes include:

  • Motor and speed controller health
  • Flight controller health
  • Low Battery
  • Geofence safety for to high and to low altitudes
  • Vibrations

The Scout 1000 is meant to be easy to work on in case of any issues. You can easily replace arms, motors, computer box, flight controller, GPS, mounting hardware and landing gear!

The Scout 1000 is made of carbon fiber and alluminum making it rugged and ready for work!

Sale Price$3,995
Flight Time+25minutes
Max. Payload Stability Wind Rating+30mph
Diagonal wheel base?32" with propellers folded
44" with propellers extended
Height11" without landing gear
18.5" with landing gear
Front collision avoidance?Yes, it works at day and at night time!
RTK compatible?Yes
PPK compatible?Yes
Frame type and material?Quad copter made out of carbon fiber and aluminum. Made rugged for work!
Battery Type6S LiPo Battery with XT90 female-end (fitted for MaxAmp batteries)
Battery ChargerAny type of LiPo 6S battery chargers
Propellers 15.5" folding carbon fiber propellers (propellers come already balanced)
USB I/O port?Yes
24 Volt Power over ethernet I/O port?Yes
HDMI I/O capabilities?Yes
Serial I/O?No
Does WISPr offer any camera and gimbal options with this drone?Yes, we offer high resolutions, zoom and thermal payload solutions for this aircraft!
Does this drone have a zoom camera with gimbal option?Yes, 14x zoom 12MP camera!
Ready to go solution for high resolution photography and videos?Yes, 20.1MP camera with a Sony CMOS sensor core and interchanges with Sony E-mount lenses. Sony APS-C sensor, the maximum pixel is 20.1 mega.  EH2000 with 20.1 mega high pixels can be widely used in long range inspection and other fields that requires high accuracy in photographing.
Is this drone compatible with FLIR?Yes, you can carry FLIR Vue Pro R camera for thermal inspection!
Can you integrate your own gimbal and camera? Yes
LED orientation lights?Yes, Red, White and Blue.
Altitude stability?Yes, using LiDAR range finder.
Flight controller software?Open source software (ArduPilot)
Onboard computer for payload integration?Yes, it also has 4GB of RAM on board!
Standard Warranty1-Year
Hand controls?Tablet, computer, laptop, gamer hand controller or phone. Wi-Fi or 2.4GHz WiMAX.
Made in America?Yes
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