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Annual license, paid monthly. First year included with purchase of WISPr Scout

WISPr OS is a well-designed operating system for all WISPr System’s unmanned aircrafts. The OS operates the drone (flying), completes the site surveys (autonomous signal testing), allows users to put towers on our maps to be used when operating the drone (tower mapping functionality), and much more!



First Person View (FPV) Camera function

  • While operating the Scout with WISPr OS, the background image will be a live video footage from the drone’s point of view.
  • A picture button is available to take photos during flight.
  • A video recorder button is available to take videos during flight.

Autonomous Site Survey

  • Complete Site Survey
    If the user wants the test to all be run simultaneously, the All-in-one test is will do the job.  The “drone” flies up to an altitude specified by the user, the “drone” then rotates horizontally 360 degrees until signal is located then follows the signal on that azimuth all the way down to land, recording all the strongest signal points.  At all the strongest signal points a snap-shot picture is taken by the onboard FPV camera and is stored with the test data.  If the software cannot find signal, then the “drone” will go up until it finds the signal or until it hits the maximum altitude designated by the FAA.
  • Azimuth Site Survey
    This test allows WISPr Scout to rotate horizontally 360-degrees with a user’s antenna CPE to find what azimuth has the strongest signal point (referred to as the best azimuth). Good for site surveys in new areas.  A snap-shot is taken by the FPV camera at the strongest signal azimuth.

Manual Site Survey

The Manual Site Survey allows you to fly the “drone” and inspect the signal on your own.  If you have located a signal and want to fly the “drone” closer to a structure to find a good place to mount the antenna on the structure, this is the function allows you to safely do this!  With the aerodynamics of the craft and overall safety features built into the “drone” this is a safe and easy way to manually test around a structure.  A lot better than dragging a ladder, wire, CPE antenna and a power source around the structure to test!

Tower Mapping

  • Our software service package allows you to put your towers on our maps, where you can add what antennas are on the tower and what azimuth they are pointing.  The same can be done for every customer.
  • Surveys are uploaded to the map when updated to the GPS points.

Uploading and Updating “Cloud”

  • After a test is completed and the “drone” stores the test data on the “drone”, when the “drone” is connected to an internet Wi-Fi point to upload all test data to the WISPr OS “Cloud”, so you can access it anywhere and have the data stored for viewing anywhere.
  • The test logs, snap shots and videos will also be upload to a GPS point on the tower coverage map for viewing at user’s preference on the WISPr OS “Cloud”.  All relevant test data is also stored on to view the test data, you click that point on the map and all test logs, snap shots and videos will appear.  We allow 5GB of server storage free.
  • Once connected to the internet Wi-Fi point the user has the option to update the “drone” if needed.  WISPr Systems will let users know when a new update is available.
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