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RESEPI makes use of the enhanced M2X LiDAR scanner features lighter weight and extended detection over the XT-32 LiDAR. It enables an M2X-equipped RESEPI to fly longer, combined with a higher recommended AGL and wider vertical FOV to more effectively map larger areas and sites with dense vegetation cover. It is an all-around desirable system, offering the benefits of best-in-class data accuracy, better detection range, high point density, and versatility

Applications: Surveying/Mapping, Inspection, Infrastructure, Construction, Agriculture

Stronger laser, lighter weight

Cover more ground per flight

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Almost a pound lighter than the RESEPI XT32 and equipped with a stronger laser with a third return, you can cover more ground and fly longer with the M2X without forfeiting data quality.

Tactical Grade IMU

A LiDAR unit is only as good as the IMU, and this is a great one

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The Inertial Labs Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU-P) is an Advanced MEMS sensors based, compact, self-contained strapdown, industrial and tactical grade Inertial Measurement Systems and Digital Tilt Sensor, that measures linear accelerations, angular rates, Pitch & Roll with three-axis highgrade MEMS accelerometers and three-axis tactical grade MEMS gyroscopes. Angular rates and accelerations are determined with high accuracy for both motionless and dynamic applications. The Inertial Labs IMU-P is breakthrough, fully integrated inertial solutions that combine the latest MEMS sensors technology

Third Return

Do more with this triple return scanner

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A third return provides an additional data point for each laser pulse, enabling LiDAR systems to better detect and classify objects in the environment. This extra data can help distinguish between different types of surfaces, objects, or obstacles with greater accuracy. The additional return data enables more advanced feature extraction algorithms. This can be crucial in applications like vegetation analysis, where the third return may help distinguish between different parts of plants or trees more accurately.

This camera does more than just take pictures.

Tighten your model with the 24MP camera

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During the colorization of the point cloud, the images metadata becomes geotagged. These images can be made into a 3D model or point cloud of their own. Since they are both geotagged, they can be combined or supplement each other to achieve the best results.


System Vertical Accuracy
2 - 3 cm
Laser Range Capabilities
80m @ 10% ref. (all channels
Range Accuracy
+/- 1 cm
FOV (Horizontal)
FOV (Vertical)
Number of Laser
Number of Returns
Pulse Rate
640k/s (single return); 1280k/s (dual return); 1920k/s (triple return)
Inertial Labs Tactical Grade IMU-P
Single or Dual Antenna
GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, NavIC (IRNSS), SBAS, L-Band
24MP RGB Mapping Camera

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