WISPR Drones Overview

Ranger Pro Series

  • Omni Collision Avoidance
  • 6lb payload Max
  • Max flight time 38 minutes
  • Handle winds of 50MPH+
  • Rugged Carbon airframe
  • Compactible for storage
  • Flight time?15 minutes with 7-lb
    22 minutes with 5-lb
    25 minutes with 3.3-lb
    33 minutes with 0.5-lb
    38 minutes with 0-lb
    Compactible?Yes, folding arms and screw off landing gear for compact storage for easy transport!
    Payload Versitility?Yes, we have options for many payloads and can customize the drone to your specific payload.
    Easy to use?Yes, with WISPR Ground Control software makes WISPR drones easy and intuitive to operate.
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