Mapping and Aerial Photography

When choosing a drone for mapping and photography, the Wispr Ranger Series is the best all around option. It can carry all of the industrial payloads under 4lb and it has a FPV camera built in for non-camera payloads. This is the drone you need if you want to carry Sony A6000 series, A7, A7R, or A9. Wispr Ranger will get 26-28 minute flight time with 3.5lb.

The Wispr Scout has limited payload options with only a 2-pound max payload capacity, but when it is equipped with a Gremsy Pixy U and a Sony RX100 it is a good starter package for mapping. It will get a 16-18 minute flight time with 2lb payloads.

Wispr Mapping Package and Payload Options

Mapping and 3D modeling using wispr systems drones

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Wispr Maintenance Plans available to keep your drone healthy in the air!

Wispr Systems offers maintenance plans for your drone. After 50 hours of flight we suggest getting a basic tune up to change our your motors and retune your drone. This will ensure the health of your drone and keep you from needing to replace the drone in the future. 

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