Mapping and Surveying

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Overview of WISPR Surveying and Mapping Payloads

WISPR's commercial drone solutions provide Power to the Pro!

When choosing a drone for mapping and surveying there are many things to evaluate.

(1) Does the drone capabilities to support and carry high resolution camera and LiDAR sensors?

(2) Does the drone have ground control software with mission planning specifically for mapping or surveying missions?

(3) Is the drone safe, reliable, and modular? and Does your drone have adequate flight time with payloads and offer hotswappability?

(4) Does the company selling the drone support the customer from processing the data to getting the end deliverable?

In the case of WISPR and the WISPR Ranger Pro the answer is a resounding yes! Throughout this page we will tell you why WISPR is the best drone option and how WISPR provides Power to the Pro with our products and services.


Payloads for Mapping and Surveying

With our universal payload attachment system your payload options are almost endless.  We have great payload options for photogrammetry with the Sony Alpha 7r IV 61MP camera and we support various LiDAR systems to provide highly accurate point clouds.  LiDAR systems come with or without color camera depending on the customers preference and budget.

For Photogrammetry we offer the Sony Alpha 7R III or IV payloads and a 35mm FE lens to acquire 42MP to 61MP full frame pictures. With this camera you will be able build highly accurate photogrammetry models to see details like never before! All pictures are geotagged with latitude, longitude, altitude, and gimbal angle to ensure you have all the data points needed to build any type of photogrammetry model with the data.

When surveying areas with heavy vegatation or rough terrain LiDAR is the best option. We support various LiDAR and have options with or without photogrammetry camera included. Depending on the use case we have the best option availiable for you!

Hesai turned (black background)
Using WISPR UAS with the Sony a7r IV for Corridor Road Inspection - frame at 0m12s

WISPR Ground Control Software for Mission Planning

With WISPR Ground Control we make flying photogrammetry and LiDAR easy. WGC has mission planning for everything from basic surveys to structure scan and advanced mission features such as terrain follow, auto-LiDAR calibration, and RTK compatibility. WGC has all of your mission planning and flying needs taken care of.

WGC Failsafes include low battery auto return to launch, smart battery health monitoring, electrical components health monitoring and temperature failsafes in hot/cold conditions. With WGC smart battery health monitoring we are hotswap cabilities so you dont have to power down the drone when you change your batteries which is very important when flying LiDAR missions.

WGC has RTK and PPK compatible which is great to increase the accuracy of your 2D and 3D models using photogrammetry. With the WGC you can receive NTRIP correction from any RTK base, such as Carlson, Trimble, Topcon, Leica, Emlid, etc.

WISPR Commerical Drone Offering

The WISPR Ranger Pro is the pickup truck of drones with our universal attachment system you can do multiple task all with one drone. The WISPR Ranger Pro has adequate flight time for mapping and surveying and hotswappability so you can change the battery out of the drone without powering it down. The drone is manufactured in Mississippi U.S.A. and is built to be rugged and ready for work even in high wind situations of 50MPH.  With the WGC you can always expect reliability and ease of use. The drone is built modularly and can be maintained over a long period with the WISPR Basic Tune-up every 200 hrs of flight. We are confident the WISPR Ranger Pro will enable you to get the highest quality data and ready when you need it!


Support from data capture to end deliverable!

With the WISPR Ranger Pro and WGC capturing the data you need is easy, but what about processing the data and then extracting the end deliverables from that data?

WISPR Systems will instruct you on how to process the data and has support for getting end deliverables with your data. We can help provide end deliverables from Photogrammetry, LiDAR, and much more!

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