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Wispr Systems Law Enforcement
Drone Solution

When choosing a drone for law enforment, Wispr Systems has many options.

The Wispr Ranger Pro Series is the best all around option for Law Enforcement with its compatible frame, while the Wispr Ranger Series is still a fine option that can get the job done at a lower price point. Both drones can carry all of the industrial payloads under 6lb. We offer payloads perfect for law enforcement such as high resolution optical zoom cameras or dual sensor RGB zoom with IR cut switch and thermal zoom capabilities all with one sensor. The Ranger and Ranger Pro Series will get 26-30 minute flight time with 3-4lb payloads and 32-34 minutes with payloads under 2.5lbs, ensuring you have the flight time with your payload to complete your job. Both models will handle winds and rough flying conditions with ease!

If you need to carry multiple payloads Wispr Systems has dual gimbal mount system just for that purpose!


Wispr Payloads for Law Enforcement

For search & rescue and surveillance we offer the Wiris Security which is a dual sensor payload. The dual sensor offers 30x optical zoom with the RGB camera with IR cut switch as well as 800x600 thermal with 12x continuous zoom! Equip law enforcement agents with IR beacons when during search and rescue or surveillance situations to determine who is on your team and who is not! Use the 800x600 thermal and the RGB 30x optical zoom camera with IR cut view situations from afar to quickly analyze dangerous situation or surveillance from afar. This payload is the best all-around payload for Law Enforcement

For photogrammetry of vehicle crash or crime scenes or search and rescue we offers the 20.1MP Sony RX100 VII with gimbal payload, which offers 32x hybrid optical zoom as well while still giving you the full 20.1MP pictures needed to get accurate photogrammetry models. This camera offers 4K video recording and is also great for search and rescue during day-time investigations.

Our drones are controlled using a smart controller which allows you to view your live video feed view and share to other devices such as tablet, computer, or live feed network.

Law Enforcement Drone Package and Payload Options

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