Infrastructure Inspection


WISPR's commercial drone solutions are your eyes in the sky for Inspection!

When choosing a drone for industrial inspection, the Wispr Ranger Pro Series are great options for infrastructure inspection. The Ranger Pro Series will get 25 minutes of flight time with 5lb payloads, ensuring you have sufficient flight time and the payload needed to capture the highest quality data possible.


We have many sensor options for any inspection application. LiDAR, high resolution cameras, radiometric thermal sensors, and much more. We aim to be compatible with any industrial payload required to get the job done!




High Resolution Inspection Payloads for Inspection

All-around Inspection Camera the Sony a7r IV captures 61MP pictures offering to give details to the things that matter. Images captured by the camera are geotagged with latitude, longitude, altitude, and gimbal angle ensuring the data can be used for digital twin models and much more!


Advanced camera options The Sony Alpha 7R III and Alpha 7R IV payloads with gimbal and a 35mm FE lens to acquire 42MP to 61MP full frame pictures. With this camera you do not have to be as close to the structure you are inspecting to get the details you needed with such high resolution.


Thermal inspection camera and gimbal combo add-on: For thermal inspection we offer the Wiris Enterprise and FLIR Vue Pro R which is has temperature measure functions that are helpful when inspecting infrastructure of power lines, solar panels, and wind turbines! The Wiris Enterprise also includes 30x optical zoom RGB camera and range finder laser that measures up to 1500m.

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