Utility, Coaxial, and Tower Inspection

Our drones are compatible with traditional thermal sensors such as FLIR and we have our own 4K - 9MP - 30X optical zoom cameras needed to visually inspect power lines, coaxial cables, and towers. Our cameras are carried on a Gremsy S1 gimbal.

Our software is compatible with spectrum analyzers such as RF Explorer, which can be used to find leaks in your coaxial cable.

Our cloud is designed to store and organize pictures and videos from your survey and can organize each flight under specific customers.  This allows you to save time organizing pictures and preparing the file to send to your survey customer.

Rather than walking your utility and coaxial cable lines or climbing your towers to inspect just use our drones! Any customization is available, contact us for customization request.

key offerings for inspection

  • Select any camera and sensors needed for your inspection needs
  • Drone integrates with spectrum analyzers, 30x optical zoom camera and FLIR camera
  • Cloud data analytics and storage can be customized to your specific needs to make storing and analyzing your data effortless
  • Easy to use mapping and flight software

contact us for a quote and any customization request

Software on the drone and cloud can be customized to your specific needs.
Contact us for a consultation and quote for your specific application!

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