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When choosing a drone for industrial inspection, the Wispr Ranger Series is the best all-around option. It can carry all of the industrial payloads under 4lb. This is the drone you need if you want to carry Sony A6000 series, A7, A7R, or A9.

The Ranger Series will get 26-28 minutes of flight time with 3.5-4lb payloads, ensuring you have sufficient flight time and the payload needed to capture the highest quality data possible.


Wispr Ranger Inspection Drone
and Upgrade Options

Basic Starter Camera is the 24.3MP Sony a6000 camera with 16-50mm Power Zoom lens, which offers 3X optical zoom while still giving you the full 24.3MP pictures. This is great for day to day inspection and is a great starter payload for critical infrastructure inspection.


Advanced camera options For the situations in which you need higher than 24.3MP resolution size in pictures we offer the Sony a7R III and A7R IV payloads with gimbal and a 35mm FE lens to acquire 42MP to 61MP pictures. With this camera you do not have to be as close to the structure you are inspecting to get the details you need, but it is a much larger payload than the standard inspection payload so you will drop in flight time.


Thermal inspection camera and gimbal combo add-on: For thermal inspection we offer add-on package which has a FLIR Vue Pro R 640 res, 30hz, and 13mm lens thermal camera 45x37 degree FOV and gimbal.


wispr software, support and maintenance

Wispr Cloud and Product Support

Email customer pictures and videos from the surveys from the cloud

The first year of our cloud software and support is included in the Wispr drone package purchases. This helps you organize data per clients and share data directly from the cloud to the customer using a secure login and much more! Direct support to a support engineer is included with this annual fee.

Wispr Maintenance Plans available to keep your drone healthy in the air!

Wispr Systems offers maintenance plans for your drone. After 50 hours of flight we suggest getting a basic tune up to change our your motors and retune your drone. This will ensure the health of your drone and keep you from needing to replace the drone in the future. 

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