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Payload Power

The interchangeability of WISPR payload systems allows for premium data capture for any situation with ease and reliability.

240x Hybrid Zoom


240x Hybrid Zoom 640 x 512 Radiometric Thermal Laser Rangefinder


32 Lasers with 3 Returns

Custom WISPR Mapping Payload

24MP with Full-frame Sensor Mechanical Shutter

Sony ILX-LR1

61MP with Mechanical Shutter

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Less is More

Introducing a smaller, more nimble, high-performance drone loaded with powerful upgrades capable of the highest level of data capture for discerning engineering, surveying or inspection professionals. That means more power to capture better data more efficiently. WISPR Sky Scout. Nothing less than impressive.

Power Up Performance

Big thinking led to innovative design and unmatched data capture.

Universal Small Form Factor Commercial UAS

Small form factor drone with easily interchangeable payloads, plane safe batteries and easy to transport anywhere.

Better Sensors and Software Integrations

Payloads that outperform the competition and mission planning efficiencies for commercial applications.

24Mp or 61MP
Mechanical Shutter
640 thermal with 240x Hybrid Zoom RGB with Laser Rangefinder
LiDAR payload for small drone

Rugged and Reliable

Built to handle weather and rough flying conditions.

Rugged and Reliable

Hard working, easy to set up and built for data capture in the toughest environments, this American-made workhorse is affordable, reliable and can handle a wide-array of payloads for any job. And, since it’s supported by innovative, proprietary software the WISPR Ranger Pro ensures your mission is smooth from start to finish.

Tougher Than the Rest

Innovation answered with utmost reliability amidst tough mission demands.

Pro Payload Versatility

The WISPR Ranger Pro can handle a variety of payloads delivering the data in formats that empower the job and the professional.

Nothing Hard About WISPR Software

Our software with built-in fail safes and ease-of-use mission planning allows tailored specs per job delivering the highest level of accuracy under any condition. Pro-grade sensors maximize time, efficiency and performance.

Rugged and Reliable

Built to handle weather and rough flying conditions.

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We’re With You All the Way

With world-class training and support, owning a WISPR Systems drone means years of productive and well-supported flying.