WISPR systems fixed wireless solution

Full WISPr Software Suite includes:

  • WISPr OS which is the flight software and automated surveys used to efficiently and accurately survey a location.
  • WISPr Cloud which stores data such as pictures and signal logs from the flight and analytics software which takes saves you valuable time analyzing data.
  • WISPr Installr App allows your customer install technicians to have direct access to the site survey logs and allows them to make a post install report with a built in install report wizard.


Software FeatureBasic SuiteFull Suite
Ability to download towers and subscribers onto the drone's OS from the CLOUD?IncludedIncluded
Ability to use tower coordinates to auto-locate towers during flight?IncludedIncluded
Ability to take pictures and capture RSSI readings simultaneously from the drone?IncludedIncluded
Automated site survey functions available?Not includedIncluded
Ability to save flight logs from automated surveys?Not includedIncluded
Ability to upload pictures, flight logs and other data from the drone to the WISPr CLOUD?Not includedIncluded
Auto-organization of data in the CLOUD?Not includedIncluded
Ability to view data on maps on the CLOUD?Not includedIncluded
Cost?Free Default Software$1200 annually to renew Full Suite

WISPR scout drone for wisp

WISPr Systems' drone platform is specifically engineered to manage the payload in moderate to high winds.

  • With a payload of a 5lb CPE on the drone we can fly in 30-35MPH winds for around 12 minutes.
  • With a 1.5lb CPE on the drone we can fly in 30-35MPH winds for around 18 minutes
  • With a .5lb CPE on the drone we can fly in 30-35MPH winds for around 19 minutes

Our drones are equipped with a 24V power over ethernet (POE) port to power any 24V POE application or plug a data cable in to communicate with your payload.  We do offer boost cables to power 32V or 48V CPE antennas.

The first person view camera comes pre-installed on all WISPr Systems' drones to give the user a birds-eye view from the drone during flight. 

Long range antennas built on the drone ensures the user will always stay connected to the drone no matter the distance. 2 - 5 dbi antennas allow the drone's access point to have all the signal strength needed to stay connected to your laptop or tablet while flying.  The access point on the drone can also switch from 2.4GHz to 5GHz depending on what frequency you want to use.

WISPr OS has a safety fail safe to protect the user and drone in the case of worn out parts, low battery, erratic flight, etc. This is to help keep the user safe and the drone safe as well.

Failsafes include:

  • Motor and speed controller health
  • Flight controller health
  • Low Battery
  • Geofence safety for to high and to low altitudes
  • Vibrations

The WISPr Scout is meant to be easy to work on in case of any issues. You can easily replace arms, motors, computer box, flight controller, GPS, mounting hardware and landing gear!

Note: The WISPr Scout drone for WISP does not come with Gremsy Pixy F gimbal.

WISPr OS - Flight and Data Aquisition Software

  • The WISPr OS helps the drone locate the direction of towers in the field using your tower coordinates 
  • Automated site surveys retrieved valuable data during flight and save time completing your aerial surveys
  • Captures pictures, signal strength, azimuth, altitude and other valuable antenna data and puts it in usable form via flight logs
  • Logs display data in easy to digest form to give you the best altitude and azimuth needed to have a successful install
  • Data can be uploaded to the WISPr CLOUD for further more detailed analysis
  • Data such as tower and subscriber information can be downloaded to the drone for use in the field


Automated Fixed Wireless Surveys

Site Survey


CPE Survey


WISPr CLOUD - Data analyzation and storage software

  • The WISPr CLOUD stores all of your tower coordinates, subscribers, flight logs and pictures and allows you to analyze data from site surveys
  • The WISPr CLOUD has features that tie all the data gathered into a map to be used to compare elevation maps to actual signal gained and much more...
  • Stores and organizes all of the data from completed surveys in one location for easy analysis 
  • Mapping tools for further analysis of the surveying data such as, but not limited to elevation profile analysis and best tower location tools
  • Best drive route software is available in the WISPr CLOUD to quickly determine the fastest driving route to get as many surveys done in a day as possible