Wispr First Responder Solutions


When choosing a drone for for first responders and search & rescue, Wispr Systems has many options.

The Wispr Ranger Series is the best all around option for fire, police, and search and rescue. It can carry all of the industrial payloads under 4lb. Compatible with high resolution optical zoom cameras, a FLIR Vue Pro R, or Workswell Wiris Pro we have you handled. The Ranger Series will get 26-30 minute flight time with 3-4lb payloads and 32-34 minutes with payloads under 2.5lbs, ensuring you have the flight time with your payload to complete your job. The Ranger will handle winds and rough flying conditions with ease!

If you need to carry multiple payloads Wispr Systems has dual gimbal mount system just for that purpose!


Using Wispr Drones for First Responders

For day time operations Wispr offers the 20.1MP Sony RX100 VII with gimbal payload, which offers 32x hybrid optical zoom while still giving you the full 20.4MP pictures. The 32x hybrid zoom is broken down to 8x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom equaling 32x hybrid optical zoom.

For night time operations requiring thermal cameras we offer the FLIR Vue Pro and a gimbal for police, fire, and search and rescue during night time conditions.

For dual payload options you can carry our dual gimbal mount with both FLIR and Zoom camera or get our Workswell Wiris Pro with gimbal which offers a 12x continuous zoom thermal camera with 640x512 resolution and 10x optical HDR camera.

Our drones are controlled using ground station smart controller that allows you to view your live video feed, take pictures and videos, and fly your drone. Our drone are built rugged, to handle flights in moderate to high winds with ease.



First Responders Drone Package and Payload Options

wispr software, support, and maintenance

Wispr Maintenance Plans available to keep your drone healthy in the air!

Wispr Systems offers maintenance plans for your drone. After 50 hours of flight we suggest getting a basic tune up to change our your motors and retune your drone. This will ensure the health of your drone and keep you from needing to replace the drone in the future. 

Learn more about our maintenance plans?

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