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When choosing a drone for industrial inspection, the Wispr Ranger Series or Wispr Ranger Pro Series are great options for electric utilities. Both can carry all of the industrial payloads under 6lb. This is the drone you need with payload options for 20MP, 24MP, 42MP, and 61MP to capture the data needed to properly inspect your infrastructure. We have lidar for topographical mapping of right of way and thermal cameras to find hotspots within your power infrastructure.

The Ranger Series and the Ranger Pro Series will get 26-30 minutes of flight time with 3.5-4lb payloads, ensuring you have sufficient flight time and the payload needed to capture the highest quality data possible, with the major difference is the compactible design of the Ranger Pro Series.


High Resolution Inspection Payloads for Inspection

All-around Inspection Camera is the 24.3MP Sony a6000 or a6600 payload with 16-50mm Power Zoom lens, which offers 3X optical zoom while still giving you the full 24.3MP pictures. The a6000 offers 1080P video and the a6600 offers 4K video.  These payloads are great for day-to-day inspection and is a great starter payload for critical infrastructure inspection.


Advanced camera options For the situations in which you need higher than 24.3MP resolution size in pictures we offer the Sony Alpha 7R III and Alpha 7R IV payloads with gimbal and a 35mm FE lens to acquire 42MP to 61MP full frame pictures. With this camera you do not have to be as close to the structure you are inspecting to get the details you needed with such high resolution.


Thermal inspection camera and gimbal combo add-on: For thermal inspection we offer add-on package which has a FLIR Vue Pro R with gimbal which is has temperature measure functions that are helpful when inspecting infrastructure of power lines, solar panels, and wind turbines!


LiDAR options for right of way Inspections

Tridar LiDAR payloads have many LiDAR sensor and camera options for the electrical utilities industry, such as AVIA, Veledyne Ultra Puck, Hasei, and many more! The point clouds can be colorized by incorporating pictures with the Lidar payload! These LiDAR payloads are great for inspecting vegetation encroachment near powerlines when inspecting right of way or traditional topographical mappping. LiDAR data is much quicker to process versus traditional photogrammetry and can pick up the actual powerlines which is an issue with photogrammetry as well!

Rock Robotics LiDAR payloads is a great entry level LiDAR product, but powered with the Rock Robotics Cloud, it is great for all LiDAR users!

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