Drone Delivery Network

View your drones live data feed from anywhere, and automate your flight path to safely deliver packages.

Our software on the drone is designed to work with a IPV4 routed network and data captured by the drone making it easy to integrate with a fixed wireless network, 5G or LTE network needed to fly anywhere to deliver package while maintaining a live data feed.  The WISPr Cloud is designed to track drones, users and package delivery customer to actively manage your drone fleet in the field delivering packages.  

Our mapping software is easy and intuitive to use which makes waypoint missions a breeze!

Key offerings for an active drone drone

The software on our drones is designed to work with a IPV4 internet routed network, making live streaming video feeds to headquarters and/or to our cloud data analytics software seamless. All these features can be customized to your specific needs per special request.

Manage drones and users in the field along with tracking package delivery to customer. 

Our largest heavy lift drone can carry payloads over 10lbs+which allows our drone to carry packages within our payload specifications. 

Depending on what your specific needs are for flight time and payload specification we have the drone to meet your specification needs. Our General heavy lift drone can carry 5lbs for up to 35min flight time and 10lbs for up to 22min. needs!

Depending on your preferred private network i.e. LTE, Licensed or unlicensed fixed wireless, etc. We can consult with you to make the correct decision on network type for your service needs. Contact us for quote!

Contact us for consultation and quote

To customize your own active response drone network using our system contact us,
and we can quote you on the customization needs of your drone network!

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