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WISPr OS Changelog


  • Automated surveys must be pre-configured in the cloud, there is no longer in flight configuration of automated test, they must be pre-configured.
  • Go-To controls can be configured in-flight
  • Pre-configured test added on the WISPr OS
  • Add customers on drone
  • Pre-configured surveys that do not correspond to the customer will be stored in a general flight database for use when flying
  • All logs that correspond to a customer/general flight file that are saved under that one customer file
  • Table search option to search using general flight name or customer name
  • If flight name is not selected and customer is not selected, then the flight logs are saved under a date/timestamp
  • Only display survey logs, pre-configured test and towers belonging to a selected customer before flight
  • On game controller “A” button has been designated as the picture capturing button, the “k” key on the keyboard is also designated for capturing pictures and a button has been added on the screen to click for pictures that is located by the battery percentage indicator

WISPr Cloud Changelog


  • Updated pre-configured test database
  • Improved download of pre-configured test from the WISPr Cloud to the WISPr OS
  • Allow () when naming towers in our database
  • Made pre-configured surveys for "Near Roof Survey" (Not on WISPr OS, still in development)