The WISPr Beast


DroneWISPr BeastDJI Matrice 300
Flight Time55minutes35minutes
Max. Payload Stability Wind Rating+30mph
Standard Warranty60 days30 days
FPV Camera Quality4k1080p
Sale Price$18,500$26,000
GimbalIncludedNot included
Gimbal type included?Gremsy S1Not included
BatteryIncludedNot included
Battery ChargerIncludedIncluded
Propellers IncludedIncluded
USB 3.0 port to integrate payload to drone?YesNo
USB 2.0 port to integrate payload to drone?YesNo
Built in 24 Volt POE port?YesNo
Mounting HardwareYesNo
Dedicated cloud software for drone system?YesNo
Replaceable parts?YesNo

WISPr Systems' drone platform is specifically engineered to manage the payload in moderate to high winds.

  • With a payload of a 10lb payload on the drone we can fly in 30-35MPH winds for around 20 minutes.
  • With a 5lb CPE on the drone we can fly in 30-35MPH winds for around 35 minutes
  • With a 3 CPE on the drone we can fly in 30-35MPH winds for around 40 minutes

USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports are available on the drone to allow you to power any 3.3V-5V payloads and communicate with that payload through USB.

Our drones are equipped with a 24V power over ethernet (POE) port to power any 24V POE application or plug a data cable in to communicate with your payload.  

 With the WISPr Beast you get a Grimsey S1 gimbal which is compatible with your high end industrial cameras. The gimbal is detachable and can be removed with ease!

WISPr OS has a safety fail safe to protect the user and drone in the case of worn out parts, low battery, erratic flight, etc. This is to help keep the user safe and the drone safe as well.

Failsafes include:

  • Motor and speed controller health
  • Flight controller health
  • Low Battery
  • Geofence safety for to high and to low altitudes
  • Vibrations

The WISPr Scout is meant to be easy to work on in case of any issues. You can easily replace arms, motors, computer box, flight controller, GPS, mounting hardware and landing gear!

The WISPr beast is a large drone with 24.5" propellers, which give it the extended flight time with a payload, but it is extremely large for a drone. To help make storage of the drone easy we have made the arms foldable, gimbal detachable, propellers foldable and landing gear removable! Making the drone store up after use a breeze!

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