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Autonomous SIte Survey Functions

New Tower

New Tower Survey

When the survey is pre-configured in the WISPr CLOUD, a maximum and minimum altitude is selected by the user.

Next, select either an azimuth or tower coordinate of the access point in which you want to connect.

The drone flies up to the maximum altitude selected, then rotates and locates either the tower coordinate or azimuth selected.

The CPE then connects to the access point on the tower and the WISPr OS records signal from the maximum altitude down to the minimum altitude.

After reaching the minimum altitude the drone flies back up to point in which the signal was strongest.

At this point the survey is complete.

Make sure you are running this survey in an open area at least 50 feet from any obstructions (trees, people, houses, buildings, vehicles, etc.)
Do not fly directly over roof unless you are a minimum of 20 feet; propeller wash can cause the POGO to crash.

AP Scanner
Near Roof Survey (Single AP)
Near Roof Survey (Multiple APs)

WISPr Systems' Software Features

  • Surveys can be pre-configured on the WISPr Cloud to save flight time
  • Towers coordinates can be saved on the WISPr Cloud and downloaded and saved to the WISPr OS on the drone to quickly locate towers while flying
  • Autonomous Tower locating tool using tower coordinates
  • Autonomous AP Scanner used to inform the user of all the access points the CPE antenna sees
  • Autonomous New Tower Survey to locate the best height and azimuth to build a tower to supply fixed wireless internet services.
  • Survey data saved to review in-flight and post flight logs
  • Upload and save survey data to the WISPr Cloud, to use survey data with mapping software.
  • Failsafes
    - Battery low safety failsafe
    - Geofence breach safety failsafe
  • Automated takeoff and landing

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