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WISPr Systems' Software

Our software (WISPr Cloud and OS) and built-in artificial intelligence make each flight improve upon its last flight, to increase stability and longevity of the craft. 

Intuitive. Efficient. Autonomous.

  • Surveys can be pre-configured on the WISPr Cloud to save flight time
  • Towers coordinates can be saved on the WISPr Cloud and downloaded and saved to the WISPr OS on the drone to quickly locate towers while flying
  • Autonomous Tower locating tool using tower coordinates
  • Autonomous AP Scanner used to inform the user of all the access points the CPE antenna sees
  • Autonomous New Tower Survey to locate the best height and azimuth to build a tower to supply fixed wireless internet services.
  • Survey data saved to review in-flight and post flight logs
  • Upload and save survey data to the WISPr Cloud, to use survey data with mapping software.
  • Failsafes
    • Battery low safety failsafe
    • Geofence breach safety failsafe
  • Automated takeoff and landing

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