precision data acquisition. Cloud data management. Streamline Solutions


  • Store towers and new subscribers in our CLOUD database to easily manage site surveys and installs
  • Use the WISPr OS to locate towers in the field
  • Locate the best height and azimuth to install a customer premise equipment (CPE) antenna using the WISPr OS
  • Upload and save survey logs and pictures to the WISPr CLOUD
  • Upload and store pictures of the post install from your phone to the WISPr CLOUD, with details such as mounting location and wire run
  • Post survey install data acquisition to use for troubleshooting and to save alternate areas to install on a residence
  • Quick routing software ensures most efficient route of travel from site to site


The WISPr OS controls the drone as well as gathers and organizes the data acquired during surveys
The WISPr CLOUD stores the data gathered during surveys so that it may be easily recalled for installations