The WISPR SOftware Suite

Software Suite Key Features

  • The WISPr OS and WISPr CLOUD come with the WISPr Software Suite
  • The WISPr OS helps the drone locate the direction of towers in the field using your tower coordinates 
  • Automated site surveys retrieved valuable data during flight and save time completing your aerial surveys
  • The WISPr CLOUD stores all of your tower coordinates, subscribers, flight logs and pictures and allows you to analyze data from site surveys
  • The WISPr CLOUD has features that tie all the data gathered into a map to be used to compare elevation maps to actual signal gained and much more...


Flight and Data Aquisition Software

The WISPr OS controls the drone as well as gathers and organizes the data acquired during surveys
  • Automated site survey and CPE survey to quickly survey a location and capture valuable data
  • Captures pictures, signal strength, azimuth, altitude and other valuable antenna data
  • Logs display data in easy to digest form to give you the best altitude and azimuth needed to have a successful install
  • Data can be uploaded to the WISPr CLOUD for further more detailed analysis
  • Data such as tower and subscriber information can be downloaded to the drone for use in the field


Data analyzation and storage software

The WISPr CLOUD stores the data gathered during surveys so that it may be easily recalled for installations
  • Allows you to store data from all of your completed surveys in one location for easy analysis 
  • Higher detailed log analysis can be done from the WISPr CLOUD with added features to make sure you get the most out of your data
  • Mapping tools for further analysis of the surveying data such as, but not limited to elevation profile analysis and best tower location tools
  • Vehicle best routing software is included